''Do what you can,

with what you have,

where you are.''

Theodore Roosevelt


  • Are you in a difficult situation and do you need support to take the first step towards making a decision?

  • Are you experiencing emotional difficulties and do you need to talk to somebody in confidence?

  • Have you found it hard to adapt to the new Covid reality? Do you wish you could reinvent yourself to find a better way to deal with the situation and get more enjoyment out of life?

  • Do you feel that your current emotional state affects your relationships with others in a negative way?

  • Would you like to get to know yourself better, enabling you to investigate and solve your problems on your own?

  • Are you feeling frustrated, tired or overwhelmed with your current situation? Do you yearn for a supportive conversation to give you a different perspective and make you feel better about yourself?

  • Would you like to change a job or a career path and need some help in figuring out what you really want and making a realistic action plan?

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