My name is Aga Seliga-Moloney. I am a Psychologist (Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and American Psychological Association) and a Life and Business Coach with a broad, holistic and intuitive approach. In my practice, I use many different styles and methods stemming from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Systemic Constellations, Psychobiology, Positive Psychology and Coaching. I choose the approach that will best suit each individual Client's needs by considering their personal situation, ability and potential for change, using discussion and observation to arrive at a tailored hypothesis for each Client. 

The Client is at the centre of the process. Their openness to taking on new challenges and implementing changes is crucial to making progress. 

My job is to create a safe space where the Client can pause and reflect on his/her difficulties or problems, while also supporting them in finding the best solutions for their particular situation. I work with the Client to prepare a follow-up plan of action to maintain the desired outcome.  

I would compare my session to a lifebuoy; a support system to help the Client to ease themselves out of certain situations, patterns of behaviour or beliefs. The session will provide every Client with tools to enable them to tackle the problem now and into the future. 

I strongly believe that everybody, with the right support, has the potential to solve their problems and improve their wellbeing so they can move on with their lives.